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Electric School Buses Petition

Dec 3, 2021

Dear Upper School,

Electric school buses are better for the environment and our health than diesel buses. If you agree that Riverdale & SuperSelby should start transitioning to electric school buses, join the petition for electric school buses.

All of us at Riverdale—students, faculty, and administrators—can fight climate change together.

Joel Grayson

slidesElectric School Buses


To: Selby Transportation Corporation, Riverdale Country School

Electric school buses help battle climate change, improve student health, and create long-term savings. Riverdale and SuperSelby have the resources necessary to buy electric school buses and the charging infrastructure. Implementing electric school buses would not be a dramatic change. Drivers need little training for the electric buses, and they operate at similar speeds. Electric school buses would replace old diesel buses at the end of their servicing life. We would lead as an example to other schools and demonstrate Riverdale’s innovation. You can view more details at joelgrayson.com/electric-school-buses. New York City public schools buses are transitioning to all electric by 2035, so it is happening at other schools already.

By signing this petition, you agree that Riverdale and SuperSelby should replace their next broken diesel bus with an electric bus instead of buying another diesel bus. With enough signatures from students and faculty, I hope we can make this a reality.