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12.2.21 Meeting

Dec 2, 2021

Scribe: Ms. Zimmerman

  1. How’d we do on our goals?

    1. Talia research the approach with Lion electric and White Plains

    2. Ms. Zimmermna reaches out to sustainability at horace mann

      1. Mr. Sipp’s wife English teacher

    3. Joel e-mail to KNF about supertrans / understanding what the company do we use one campy for all buses? Have we always used them? Are there other companies maybe that they’ve considered using?

    4. Riley: one-pager about the environmental impact , reach out to teachers about this!!!

  1. What can we realistically get done before winter break?

What we’ve done so far:

Talia- got in touch with White Plains to glean more information

Joel- presented to the middle school about climate change + electric buses

Riley- wrote a one-pager about the benefits of electric buses + compiled information about grids and $$$

In the future:

Next steps