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11.11.21 Meeting

Nov 11, 2021

Scribe: Ms. Zimmerman

  1. Beginning of meeting

  2. Joel folder intro

    1. E-buses are good for environment: does not emit

      1. True that electricity and production cause emissions

    2. Better for students’ health

    3. Cost: cost 4X as much up front, but both last around 12 years and the cost of electricity lower than fuel meaning that by the end it’s about even, electric even saves you some money!

      1. Less fuel and less maintenance

    4. Blue Bird vs. Lion Electric

      1. Piloted in White Plains https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/12/climate/electric-school-buses.html

    5. Gradual approach

  3. Moving Forward:

    1. Questions:

      1. Do we pay supertrans? How much do we pay for them?

      2. Do we reach out to them / do they have interest in e-buses?


        2. Another company that does Manhattan / NeJ /

        3. Riverdale to buy them or supertrans to buy them?

        4. Should we propose to Riverdale to put pressure on superslerby to buy e-buses or do we research another third party to provide us with e-buses?

      3. Could we use our own charging stations?

    2. PITCH: environmental benefits, health benefits, economic benefits

    3. Expertise on the companies

      1. Talia to reach out to White Plains schools

  4. Delegate THIS WEEK:

    1. Talia research the approach with Lion electric and White Plains

    2. Ms. Zimmermna reaches out to sustainability at horace mann

      1. Mr. Sipp’s wife English teacher

    3. Joel e-mail to KNF about supertrans / understanding what the company do we use one campy for all buses? Have we always used them? Are there other companies maybe that they’ve considered using?

    4. Riley: one-pager about the environmental impact , reach out to teachers about this!!!

For Joel

Ask admin about Superselby:

Does SuperSelby have a riverdale-specific fleet or entire.


Costs of buses